Thursday, November 5, 2009

APQS Front Stylus System

The Circle Lord Up Front Stylus system works only on the APQS Millienium  and Freedom size machines. To use it on the Liberty and Lenni,a new shorter Crossbar is needed, unless you buy it with the Front Circlelord Crossbar,
The following pictures describe how it is sits on the front rollers, and how it is moved around, and positioned. This system is built around the Circlelord attachment that was designed for the back table.  
Featherz template on CL with Stylus in inside position.

Place the Circlelord assembly over the front rails, with the Red Handle Clamp to the back. You should float the quilt and leave the top roller free. To help support the Base Plate, a plastic Base Support Plate is supplied.

Base Support upside down showing hardwood spine

Below are pictures of the 18" Crosshatch template. First, with the stylus at the far left, and then, at the far right. You use the outside stylus holder to do 18" templates.

Because the Stylus floats in the stylus holder, there is no stylus vibration from the sewing head. Just lift the Stylus, turn and dock on the top of the holder, when you don't want it in the down position.
  To move along rollers, make sure that the zipper is not in contact with the rubber on the blades, and then slide it in the direction you want to go. After getting close to your final position, lock the Red Handle, and use the slide arm to do your final centering.

The Stylus arm is attached by removing the screws behind the light. and replacing them with wide head screws and washers supplied. Leave them halfway out. Slide the slotted bracket over the screws Tighten the screws loosely with a flat head screwdriver. Adjust the height of the stylus holder, so that the Stylus tip barely touches the gray Base Plate of the Circlelord.

Stylus Arm Bracket attached to Sewing Head

For those that have the older square tube Millenium frame, a extension bracket is supplied.
 Front Stylus system for APQS Millenium, Freedom, Liberty and Lenni  $129.00.

Shipping extra
Includes Stylus, Stylus arm and bracket and Base Support and screws 
Circlelord not Included

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